Ocatnip may have launched in July 2021, but the Ocatnip journey started a decade ago when co-founder Erin met her husband Toby and his beloved family Maine Coon, Moomba, in Los Angeles. Moomba was a large furry ball of love with the sweetest little voice, and Erin was immediately enchanted. From there, Erin and Toby began a international journey of caring for and fostering stray cats from Seoul to Beijing. Erin’s family is now the proud owner of more than fifteen adopted cats (after a nearby cat cafe went out of business). You’ll see these happy cats as our many Meowdels (page coming soon).

These days, Erin spends her days with her adopted cats, Brunello, Linguini and Toast (“BLT”). With the unlimited amount of joyful chaos that BLT bring, Erin made it a priority to provide them with the best cat products she could find, but the lack of quality and diversity proved to be a challenge. Thus, Ocatnip was born. 

Every Ocatnip product is designed and made with one simple ideal in mind: to bring safe, high-quality, and unique products to the pet space, so that not only cats and dogs have fun, but pet parents have peace of mind.