Tickle Pickle Feather Teaser


A dancing, ticklish spotted feather that's the ultimate tease! Shimmy the Tickle Pickle in front of your cat, and watch your furbaby twirl and prance. Our teaser is handmade and durable, with an easy clip-on clasp and no jagged edges to risk injury to your fur child. We’ve also attached a little bell to the Tickle Pickle Feather Teaser because we think the more stimulation the better, right?

More product info:
 1 x feather teaser with a bell to stimulate activity 
 Easy to clip on clasp 
 Teaser wand not included

Dimensions (approximate):
 Length: 5.7 inches
 Width: 2 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My kitties love these toys. Actually they...

My kitties love these toys. Actually they love all the different products from this great shop. Erin is super easy to work with and her customer service is simply superb. There has not been a single item from her shop that didn't exceed my expectations (and I have purchase numerous beds, blankets and toys).

Lindsey Gibson
This wand extension is so pretty! I like t...

This wand extension is so pretty! I like the combination of the pink feathers and speckled brown and white feather. It seems sturdy while still appearing delicate. Thank you!

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