Green Carrot Catnip Kicker


A body pillow for cats! Our cats are in love with this cushiony, mega-bouncy #PillowStick. Handmade in small batches in Korea, we've stuffed these huggable kickers with 2 grams of USA farm sourced catnip. This delightful cartoon carrot kicker in green gingham is just waiting to be bunny-kicked and hugged and mangled -- and its playful design will always be a joy to look at. 

1 x Green Carrot Catnip Kicker
1 additional USA farm sourced catnip and silvervine teabag (for storage)

Additional Info:
We suggest storing kickers with additional catnip teabag for longer usage and to keep interest of the cats.
 Great for bunny kicking and working out those hind legs. 
• Handmade in small batches in Korea

Dimensions (approximate):
 Length: 7.5 inches
 Width: 2.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Hipp
Great kick stick

My kitty loves his kick stick. He kicks it and also enjoys snuggling it.

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