Peachy Feather Set


Brighten your space and your kitty’s eyes with our beautiful set of exotic feather teasers. Our teasers are handmade and durable, with an easy clip-on clasp and no jagged edges to risk injury to your fur child. We’ve also attached a little bell to each feather refill because at Ocatnip, we think the more stimulation, the better. 

Our Peachy Feather Teasers set includes:
 4 different feather teasers (2 big feathers and 2 small feathers)
 Does not include the feather wand

More product info:
 Every feather teaser has a bell to stimulate activity 
 Easy to clip on clasp 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please put the toys away in a safe place after play time. 

Dimensions (approximate):
 Length: 3-5 inches
 Width: 1.5-2 inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    What a great variety of feathered toys. I...

    What a great variety of feathered toys. I have literally a colony of fur babies and they are each super picky and likes different things. This variety of toys offers something for each of my kitties. They love chasing after them!

    Thelittlestleafeon Skiles
    cat wand is built well and cats love all t...

    cat wand is built well and cats love all the feather attachments

    Amy Renner
    Well made, very beautiful! Can't wait to p...

    Well made, very beautiful! Can't wait to play with our new adopted kitty:)

    Christina Collins
    Cats love it, but feathers come off easily

    This is my second purchase of the wand with feather attachments. My cats love the product! But the feathers are easily pulled out.


    My hubby and I have a polydactyl Maine Coon kitten and he's 5.5 months old, 11 lbs., just to preface. He has A LOT of energy and we have to engage him quite a bit so he doesn't go nuts. He LOVES chasing wand toys but most all of the ones my husband and I have bought from various websites have been ripped to shreds by our kitty, Harley. His paws are huge but he also is just a strong little guy! I have to say this wand is his FAVORITE. I don't know why but maybe he can see the pink wand better than the typical black?! He's also crazy about the feather/bell combo. Thankfully, he hasn't managed to rip this one to shreds so THANK YOU for making such a quality product. We have many products by Ocatnip and this is his fave! :)

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