Purple Zesty Kicker


A body pillow for cats! Our cats are in love with this cushiony, mega-bouncy #PillowStick. Handmade in small batches in Korea, we've stuffed these huggable kickers with 2 grams of USA farm sourced catnip for some extra silliness. This citrusy speckled kicker is waiting to be bunny-kicked and hugged and mangled -- and its cute zesty pattern will always be a joy to look at. 

1 x Purple Zesty Catnip Kicker
1 additional USA farm sourced catnip and silvervine teabag (for storage)

Additional Info:
 We suggest storing kickers with additional catnip teabag for longer usage and to keep interest of the cats.
 Great for bunny kicking and working out those hind legs. 
• Handmade in small batches in Korea

Dimensions (approximate):
 Length: 7.5 inches
 Width: 2.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Spencer
My two boys (cats) love this kicker! The c...

My two boys (cats) love this kicker! The catnip is very good quality because my boys were smelling the box before I even opened it. I gave it to them right out of the box. I barely smell the catnip, but they love it. I have never seen them like this. Usually I have to put spray catnip on their new toys, but not this one. I have bought them kicker toys before, but they were never interested until this one. The material seems good quality, but I have only had it for one day. The fabric pattern is very cute. I just placed my order for another one so they dont have to share.

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