Unicorn Feather Teaser


Pastel frenzy! Brighten your space and your kitty’s eyes with our cotton candy colored Unicorn Feather Teaser. Our teasers are handmade and durable, with an easy clip-on clasp and no jagged edges to risk injury to your fur child. We’ve also attached 2 little bells to each Unicorn Feather Teaser for more attention-grabbing, teasing, and jumping goodness. 

More product info:
 1 x feather teaser with a bell to stimulate activity 
 Easy to clip on clasp 
 Teaser wand not included 

Dimensions (approximate):
Length: 3 inches
Width: 1.5-2 inches

      Customer Reviews

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      Susan Tetterton
      Please lady - play with us MORE

      My cats love this toy SO MUCH - I have to keep it in a box to store it. They want to play with it for hours and hours. In fact they lay on the bed where I play with them waiting for me to come back. The small bells and feathers are VERY cat compelling. I HIGHLY reccomend.

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